SAP Abap Video Tutorial:

SAP Abap Video Tutorial Covers the following Topics:

Section 1: What is SAP HANA ?
Introduction to SAP HANA
Introduction to ABAP on HANA
Product Availability Matrix for SAP HANA – Business Suite on HANA
Sizing for SAP HANA – Business Suite on HANA
Section 2: Installation of SAP ABAP Development Tools
SAP HANA ADT Installation on SAP HANA Studio
Overview Demo of ABAP features using ADT – ABAP Development Tools in SAP HANA
Section 3: SAP HANA Studio
Overview of SAP HANA Studio
Adding a New Host in SAP HANA Studio
Creating a Package in SAP HANA Studio
ABAP Perspective in SAP HANA
Section 4: Connecting ADT to SAP ERP System
Creation of Package in HANA Studio for Consuming in ABAP SE38 programs
Running a SAP Program by creating it in ADT in HANA Studio
Section 5: Installing SAP HANA Sample Application
Sample Installation of EPM in SAP HANA
Creating a connection in SAP
Section 6: Importing Data and Models in SAP HANA
Importing a Sample CSV file in SAP HANA
Section 7: Transport Management in ABAP on HANA
SAP HANA Transport Container – Step1
SAP HANA Transport Container – Step2
SAP HANA Transport Container – Step3
Section 8: Concepts
Delta Merge in SAP HANA 13:49
How to check in SAP GUI and SAP HANA Studio whether table is row or column store
Section 9: Views in SAP HANA
SAP HANA Modeling Overview
Attribute Views
Analytic Views
Calculation Views
Section 10: Authorizations
SAP HANA Roles required for ABAP based schema
Section 11: References
SAP ABAP on HANA Reference Book 13 pages
Section 12: Conclusion for ABAP on HANA